Francesco Fussi

It is an honor and privilege for me to cover the role of President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ITCCK), an institution founded in 2008 that has seen over the years a succession of smart and passionate professionals and the number of its associate Members always increasing.

2020 was undoubtedly one of the most unexpected and complex years for each of us to face, individuals, businesses and institutions, and ITCCK was no exception.

Amongst the impossibility of organizing face-to-face meetings and the reduction of spending budgets, an internal reorganization and the remodeling of many activities became necessary; however, today we can proudly say that also through 2020 ITCCK succeeded in honoring its mission in an economically sustainable way. Among the various activities undertaken, I would like to mention the various Webinars aimed at companies in different business areas (Architecture, Industry 4.0, Viticulture ...), the "Italian Hospitality" Quality Certifications, the virtual Master Cooking Classes, in addition to the numerous B-t-B services.

For this "success" I wish to thank all our Collaborators, our associate Members, all the Companies that co-operated with us and the Chamber and Government Institutions - with a special and heartfelt thanks to the Italian Embassy in Korea - who always offered a continuing support.

During 2020 our Board of Directors was enriched with new Members who embraced the cause of ITCCK enthusiastically. ITCCK can now offer an expert opinion and a significant network of relationships in various areas of strategic interest, including Food & Beverage, Fashion & Luxury, Industry & Innovation, Entertainment and Communication.

With a look to 2021, in addition to strengthening our traditional activities in the areas of consultancy to Enterprises, B-t-B meetings and in the organization of Events, it is our intention to further develop our recruiting platform "The Italian Job" and broaden the base of Services and Benefits for our Members, with the hope of welcoming an increasing number of them.

In conclusion, we hope that 2021 will be a year of gradual return to normality and economic recovery for everyone, where ITCCK will be determined more than ever to play the role of facilitator and accelerator, providing energy and skills to promote mutual knowledge and the development of trade relations between Italy and Korea, thus contributing to making these two extraordinary countries ever closer.

ITCCK: ITALY and KOREA closer than ever.

ITCCK President
Francesco Fussi