The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea regularly organizes Business Missions from Italy to the Republic of Korea and from the Republic of Korea to Italy, in order to support and foster the bilateral business relations between the two countries.

The Delegation members can be both institutions and companies, and the ITCCK organizes a tailor-made service including a research of the potential partners, promotion of the Products/services offered, a survey for a feedback of the actual interest from the potential counterparts, the organization of an agenda of one-to-one meetings and all the details about meeting rooms, accommodation and logistic support. In agreement with the customers, the ITCCK is also able to organize an introductory seminar for the foreign guests about the business environment of Korea and Italy, with guest speakers from well known banks and law firms providing an extensive overview about "how to do business" in the country, as well as legal and banking advices, and useful tips before meeting the potential partners.

Incoming Buyer in Ancona “Marchet” (Ancona - March 27 - 29, 2018)
Date 2018-03-27
  Incoming Buyer in Ancona
“Marche” incoming agroindustrial event in Ancona
(Ancona – March 27 ~ 29, 2018)


The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ITCCK) in collaboration with Marchet is honored to invite Korean agroindustrial importers to the incoming buyers event which will be held in Ancona the 27th and 29th of March. The event will host B2B meetings with Italian leading companies in the agroindustrial sector from the Marche region. The Korean delegation is composed by 3 companies.

Event: B2B meeting

Partner/s: ITCCK / Marchet

Sector: Agroindustrial

Date: March 27-29, 2018


Chef's food
E Mart
Jangsung Global


1.      B2B meetings with italian companies