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Italian Republic
Italy is subdivided into 20 regions, 110 provinces and 8,100 municipalities
Capital : Roma
Government : Parliamentary constitutional republic
Population: 62,137,802 (2017)
Total: $2.037 trillion (2017 est.)
Per capita : $38,000 (2017 est.)
GDP (nominal)
Total : $1.921 trillion (2017)
Per capita : $30,533 (2017)
Currency: Euro

General Information

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The Italian Peninsula is spread over 301.323 Km2.
Located in the southern part of Europe, Italy enjoys a strategic position, linking Asia and Africa. Italy, affectionately known by many as “Belpaese,” is characterized by a variety of outstanding geographical landmarks. Italy is partly covered by mountains (the Appennini chain, which encompasses a large area, and the Italian Alps that are 1200 Km long, with many summits over 4.000 meters high). Italy is also partly covered by a plain (Padana Plain) and characterized by a considerable volcanic presence: Etna (the highest volcano in Europe), Vesuvio and Stromboli. The Italian coast is an incredible, displaying stunning landscapes of rare beauty, among the world’s most famous wonders.

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Invest in Italy

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Historically Italy has not only played a determining role in the development of the Mediterranean area, but has also founded a whole new way in which the West views the world and itself, giving birth to an essential cultural movement in Europe in the XV-XVI centuries: the “Rinascimento,” or Renaissance.

During that period, Italy and Europe, with the discovery of America, opened themselves to the “new world”. In doing so, they boosted their economies thanks to the intensification of international commercial trades.

This international trade has developed for centuries, thereby building a solid foundation in international commerce and positioning the nation as an elite competitor with first-class products.

Today Italy is also renowned in the world thanks to its brands, frequently ranked first in all the productive sectors.

The main sectors of the Italian economy are commerce, transportations, telecommunications and, on the whole, services.

The secondary Italian sector is dominated by a considerable number of small and medium enterprises, which guarantee the highest quality implied by the “made in Italy” brand.


January 01 New Year's Day
January 06 Epiphany
April 05 Easter
April 06 Easter Monday
April 25 Liberation Italy
May 01 Labour Day
June 02 Italian Republic Day
August 15 Assumption Day the Virgin Mary
November 01 All Saints´ Day
December 08 Immaculate Conception
December 25 Christmas
December 26 St. Stephen´s Day