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Republic of Korea
Republic of Korea
Korea is subdivided into 9 provinces and 7 cities
Capital: Seoul
Government: Presidential republic
Population: 49,039,986 (2014 est.)
Total: $1.786 trillion (2014 est.)
Per capita: $35,400 (2014 est.)
GDP (nominal)
Total: $1.449 trillion (2014)
Per capita: $24,400 (2014)
Currency: KRW

General Information

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The Republic of Korea has a territory of 99.269 Kmq.
Positioned in Northeast Asia, in the southern part of the Korean peninsula, it is separated from North Korea since the end of the Korea War in 1953.

Mountains cover 70% of the country. Surrounded by the Yellow Sea on its west, by the East Sea to the east and by the East China Sea to the south, its shores are approximately 2413 km long.

Its main attraction is surely the volcanic island of Jeju-do, a touristic destination, famous for its exceptional beauty and for being the largest island among the 3400 Korean islands.

Invest in the Republic of Korea

Having undoubtedly joined the world’s major economies, the Republic of Korea is recognized as a developed country, strong and aware of its own incredible growth capacity.

As a member of the OCSE since 1957, the Korean Republic has recorded constantly positive results in recent decades.

The country, with its GDP having grown by 3.3% in 2013, is the fourth economic giant of Asia and the world’s 12th economic power.

The Republic of Korea hosted the G20 Summit and G20 Business Summit in 2010.

Ranked 7th among the world’s exporters (with a total of 548 bln dollars), the Korean Republic represents an excellent commercial partner for Italy (in 2012, the total commercial trade between the two countries reached about 7 bln euros).

Thanks to the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, the Korean market is an optimal growth opportunity for Italian entrepreneurs and exporters.

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January 1, 2015 New Year's Day
February 18, 2015 Korean New Year's Day
February 19, 2015 Korean New Year's Day
February 20, 2015 Korean New Year's Day
March 1, 2015 Independence Day
May 5, 2015 Children's Day
May 25, 2015 Buddha's Birthday
June 6, 2015 Memorial Day
August 15, 2015 Liberation Day
September 26, 2015 Korean Thanksgiving
September 27, 2015 Korean Thanksgiving
September 28, 2015 Korean Thanksgiving
September 29, 2015 Korean Thanksgiving
October 3, 2015 National Foundation Day
October 9, 2015 Hangeul Proclamation Day
December 25, 2015 Christmas Day