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Italian Chef/Chef De Cuisine ATRIO- Conrad Hotel


Job Description : Italian Chef

Location : Seoul, South Korea

Position Type : Full Time

Sector : Hospitality


He leads, manages and organizes all aspects of food production to the highest professional standards and in accordance to the Standard Operating Procedures.  He is further responsible for proper sanitation in the production areas, adequate stocking, proper storage, quality control and production procedures.  He also coordinates working and vacation schedules for his employees with the Executive Chef.

주방장은 음식 생산의 전반적 측면이 호텔의 표준 운영 절차에 따라 가장 최상급의 전문적 수준에 팀을 이끌고 관리한다또한 생산현장적절한 재고와 보관품질 컨트롤생산절차 등의 철저한 위생관리에 책임이 있다또한 총주방장과 함께 근무  휴가스케줄을 다룬다.


General Administration (일반행정)

§  Reports to the Executive Chef, in his absence to the Executive Sous Chef.

총주방장에게 보고하되부재 시에는 총부주방장에게 

§  He leads his subordinates, recommends and suggests measures and actions to the Executive Chef.

부하직원들을 리드하고평가를 권장  제안하며 행동조치를 총주방장에게 보고

§  Replaces the Executive Chef during his absence in which case he is vested with the responsibilities and authorities attributed to that position.

총주방장의 부재 시에는 그를 대신하여 그의 책임과 권한을 가짐

§  Acts on issues and concerns in his field of jurisdiction immediately.

관할의 활동 내에 일어나는 이슈나 문제점에 즉시 처리

§  Exercises responsible management and behavior at all times, positively representing the hotel management team and Hilton Worldwide.

항상 책임적인 경영과 행동을 통한 힐튼 월드와이드의 일원으로서 호텔의 긍정적인 표본이 되도록 

§  Fully embraces and articulates Hilton philosophy and Conrad brand guidelines and policy.

힐튼 철학과 콘래드 브랜드의 지침서와 규정을 숙지하고 실천 


Functional Responsibilities (기능상직무)

§  Be responsible for the proper briefing of the service staff of the hotel with regards to specials, specialties, seasonal offers and promotions.

스페셜특선요리계절메뉴프로모션에 대해 호텔의 서비스 스태프들에게 적절한 브리핑에 책임

§  Ensure proper and timely execution of food.  Determine and initiate systems as necessary.

음식의 프로세스가 제시간에 정확히 되도록 필요시이에 맞는 시스템을 개발  착수

§  Supervises proper receiving procedures as well as proper storage of food and raw materials.

재료와 식품이 철저히 절차에 따라 받아지는지와 올바르게 보관되는지 감독 지휘

§  Carries out by-monthly in market visits in order to ensure proper selection and purchase of food items and to stay abreast with local trends and pricing.

현지의 가격과 유행을 인지하고 식자재의 적절한 선택과 구입을 위한 매달 시장조사

§  Source the best ingredients at best prices and ensure daily deliveries are of appropriate quality and price.

최상급의 재료를 최적의 가격으로 구하고나날의 배달품목들의 적정 품질과 가격 체크

§  Checks and controls requisitions from store when it is delegated to him.

업체로부터 받은 요청서를 체크하고 컨트롤

Ensure food and labor costs are within targeted percentages.  Please refer to Cost Control Systems.  Determine and initiate systems as necessary.

음식과 인력비용이 확정된 목표 퍼센트에 맞는지 확인비용관리 시스템을 참고필요 이에 맞는 시스템을 개발  착수

§  Ensure appropriate hiring and training of all porters and dishwashers. 

모든 포터와 디시워셔들에게 적절한 채용과 훈련을 진행

§  Ensures proper scheduling of staff in accordance to the expected work-load and depending on the hotel's occupancy.

호텔의 오큐펀시에 따른 업무량을 예상하여 이에 합당한 스태프 스케줄 작성

§  Ensure kitchen is appropriately equipped and maintained at all times.

 주방이 항상 올바르게 장비되고 유지되도록 

§  Is on the pass during service hours; is critical and assures highest standards at all times.

서비스 시간대에 패스를 담당하여 항상 최고스탠다드에 철저하고 이를 보장

§  Ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and organization are maintained in the kitchen at all times, without exception.  All legal sanitation codes must be followed at all times.  Determine and initiate systems as necessary.

 주방에 예외없는 최상레벨의 청결함과 정돈 유지모든 합법적 위생법에 항상 따름필요 이에 맞는 시스템을 개발  착수.

§  Efficiently communicate for menu options as necessary. 

필요 메뉴 옵션에 대해 효율적으로 소통한다메뉴 변경 절차를 참고.

§  Gather necessary customer feedback to proactively fine tune menu offerings to better suit clientele.

주도적으로 고객층에게  알맞은 메뉴 선정을 위해 고객의 의견에 집중

§  Displays creativity in introducing new items for sales programs, specials and promotions.

세일즈 프로그램스페셜프로모션들을 위한 새로운 제품의 소개를 창의적으로 진행

§  Oversee all kitchen operations on a daily basis and proactively initiate necessary changes.

 주방의 영업을 매일 체크하고 주도적으로 요구되는 변화를 주도

§  Execute employee evaluations as necessary to maximize employee growth.

직원의 성장을 최대화 하기 위한 필요한 만큼 직원평가를 실시

§  Handle Disciplinary procedures for employee infractions when needed.

필요 위반행위에 대한 징계를 담당

§  Maintains an excellent reputation in the eyes of the guests, the management and the staff.

고객과 스태프들의 관점으로 훌륭한 평판 유지

§  Ensures that the reputation and image of the food outlets of the hotel are the highest possible standard and reputed as the best consistent quality in town.

모든 아울렛의 이미지와 평판이 향상되고 이를 유지할  있도록 

§   Interacts with individuals outside the hotel including but not limed to clients, suppliers, government officials, competitors and other members of the local community
호텔 외부의 개개인은 물론 고객공급처정부요원경쟁업체 지역의 다른 멤버들과의 소통

People Management (인재 경영)

§   Thoroughly train Sous Chefs to perfectly execute all recipes and to train cooks as necessary.
부주방장들과 요리사들이 모든 레시피를 완벽히   있도록 철저히 훈련

§   Thoroughly train Sous Chef to perform Daily Responsibilities and carefully monitor and control their performance.  Determine and initiate systems as necessary.
부주방장들이 매일의 책임을 수행하도록 철저히 훈련하고 이들의 업정평가를 조심히 모니터링하고 컨트롤 한다필요 시에는이에 맞는 시스템을 개발  착수.

§   Ensures proper regular hands-on training of his staff with the objective to maintain and improve the standards of food production.
호텔의 스탠다드에 맞는 서비스와 제품을 제공하기 위해 주기적인 철저한 트레이닝 진행

§   Train and educate Front of House in all menu preparations.
서비스  스태프에게 모든 메뉴 준비에 대해 훈련과 교육

§   Motivate and inspire all employees to achieve greatness at all times.
 직원들에게 영감을 주고 동기를 유발

Other Accountabilities (기타 책임)

§   Carries out other duties that may from time to time be delegated to him.

지시되는 다른 임무를 수행

§  To attend training as set by the direction.

지시에 따른 훈련에 

§   To be compelled to wear the Chef’s uniform including Chef’s hat.

셰프 유니폼 착용

§   Performances must be in abidance with the expectations defined in the job summary and as elaborated in the job description.

직무기술서에 따른 업무 수행



§   Good working experience around the world in well-known hotels or restaurants at least 10-15 years.

오성급 호텔과 국외의 호텔과 레스토랑에서의 최소10-15년간의 경험

§   Experience in Asia is a necessity.

아시아에서의 경력은 필수

§   Computer literate

컴퓨터에 능통

§   Good communication skills.

훌륭한 의사소통 능력

§   Excellent knowledge of western food and ethnic cuisines.

서양음식과 에스닉푸드에 대한 뛰어난 지식

§   To be team orientated and to be able to cope with high volume of business.

팀을 챙길  알며많은 양의 업무를 소화할  있는 능력

§   Creative and aware of new food trends.

새로운 음식 트랜드에 대한 관심과 창의성

§   Hand’s on personality.

솔선수범하는 성격

§   Efficiency in your job, to be honest to your supervisors and colleagues.

업무의 효율성감독관과 동료들에게 정직한 태도

§   Good attitude and to be willing to learn.

열심히 일하는 태도와 배우려고 하는 의지


Please submit your CV to:   SeungChan.Lee@conradhotels.com

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